SJW Gamers dream womyn


SJW Gamer's current attire

Current Endeavors

In his most recent adventure, SJW Gamer has decided to tag his name as a message towards all who support the malicious slit-eye clans of far east and is now known as "i hate weebs", his mission: destroy the asian hoard.

Fighting the patriarchy

SJW Gamer has very simple beliefs that women are the most important, most intelligent, most desired and most respected beings on the planet (which they are). His current hobbies include Reddit, Tumblr and Imgur.

He believes women are hotter when chubby rather than skinny.

Adventures in Runescape

Currently, SJW Gamer is working towards not having a shit total level. Although his past adventures include helping some elf weirdos, killing a dragon and watching Guthix get zapped by some guy.

Most recently, he infiltrated the cave goblin hierarchy and killed Zanik for fun after casting a blood vote to his fellow hunters.

Get off my blade u dirty goblin whore

Zanik after being impaled on and then thrown off SJW Gamer's weapon

Adventures outside of Runescape

Outside of Runescape, SJW Gamer is a 21 year old ex-pharmaceutical student who has a criminal record for distributing drugs illegally, although he was helping someone who got stabbed this is apparently no excuse for handing out prescriptions. He has a low opinion of white women despite being white himself, he has had three girlfriends all of which have not been white. His musical tastes consist of 80s pop-rock and synth such as Depeche Mode, Gary Numan and The Police. (Although he actually doesn't understand what their music is about but noticed that the 80s aesthetic has been revived and so wants to seem interesting)

Love Life how the fuck you format

SJW right now is dating an Asian women. Ironic at first being that he hates weebs and everyone knows all Asians are Attack on Titan fans. When further analyzed one can see that SJW is dating an Asian to stick it to the weebs forcing them to be lonely and have to date other w-white people.