Monkfish is a cute trap with a big heart.

Mostly hated by /rsg/ for various shitposting offences, Monkfish finds solace amongst fellow Australians.

Interesting monkfacts:

  • has sucked dghosts dick
  • has a cute dog
  • would like to work with animals
  • UwUs


  • 99s in order: summoning > herblore > slayer > magic > ranged > constitution > defence > prayer >farming > firemaking > invention > fletching
  • Blue H'ween mask bought for 273m
  • Completed all Quests
  • Krar Jnr pet
  • 666 Dag King kills
  • Pets:
    • Skilling: Flo (90 fletch), Malcolm (95ish invent)
    • Boss: Supreme hatchling
    • Other: cresbot

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