The mysterious rankings of grindanfag members from the thread made by the mysterious anon.

1. >Anthuny >Espeon >Griffinbork >Kanso >Neophile

2. >A Witcher >Auwn >Bailey J A Y >Based Tom >Cfb >Charisfu >Datjas >DR zeus phd >Expeon >Lady tinder >Lordbernn >Madthad >Muh xp >Plebbington >Plok >Polarus >Reisyn >Smeg head >Super troy4 >Tianna >Videogames >Wehttam513 >Yanmenga

3. >5auz >Alcohealic >Sicko eh >Swooned >Trektz >Xdead pool >Zaina-os

4. >Dota 2 >Enro >Hex maniac >Kaga >Morg >Shigure >Yoonah

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