Almaxemxia is the loving, kind, gentle, and matronly personality of Grindanscape. Her kind words have helped lots of people when they feel down.

FACTS about Almaxemxia:

>Got beat to maxing by Prinny

>Has good sense in fashion

>Is very helpful

>Makes lots of funny and non-offensive memes

>Is kind to all animals from doves to moths

>Once let a moth rest on his screen because she wanted the moth to feel nice and comfy as he played Nier

>Likes everyone including Windalgo and unpopular people like Lapses and Shigure

>Is still mad at Prinny

>Is active in the autistic community and assists special extreme needs autists such as Muh XP and Brontarr

>Is also really bad at the game, dood

t. All the members of Grindanscape and certainly not Almaxemxia herselfs

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